Why I Switched Back To My Mature iPhone

Like everybody else I was very excited if the iphone X arrived on the scene. It had so many cool functions and such cutting edge technology that I couldn't wait to try it. For about a month it had been thrilling, but then I started to get it annoying. I was constantly terrified that I would drop it and also the screen would shatter despite the protective case. It'd glitches galore. I found myself thinking longingly of my old i-phone 6S which was sitting at the drawer. After about two months of working with the iPhone X, then I broke out my previous 6S and put my SIM card back into that phone. Fortunately I already knew just how to back up my phone and did not have any problems. Currently the iPhone X is currently sitting in a drawer.

Here is why I went back to my own old I-phone:

Not Having a House Button Was Terrible

As soon as the iPhone X came out a few of the qualities that everyone was mad about was that the X doesn't always have a home button. At first, I enjoyed that too, but then I realized it had been annoying and time-consuming to attempt to close apps, switch displays, or really do anything with no home button. Attempting to back up my phone was also difficult if the house button wasn't there. I found myself always pressing the underside of the device where your home button should have been. Maybe I am just not ready to adopt the cutting edge, '' I don't understand. However, I really missed the home button.

Facial-recognition Is Just a Nightmare
Facial-recognition instead of Touch ID is just another of the features that people were very excited about once the i-phone X debuted. After a couple of days of using my head to unlock the phone and perform a number of other tasks, I had been over it. I miss Touch ID or perhaps using my passcode to unlock the cell telephone. When I tried to pay for items at the store with facial recognition, I had been always holding up the line and appearing as a total hipster. Not at all something I enjoyed.

It's Too Too Much
I could discuss one other features that the iPhone X has that only did not work for me but eventually the X is still just too much phone to get me personally. Even 50% of those things it may perform will be too much better. Honestly, Ibreally only wanted to enhance my own phone use. I need a phone to call people, text, and check my email and also societal media. I really don't require a super powerful personal computer replacement or a super advanced camera which could take incredible videos or still photos. As long as my phone will take halfway adequate selfies, that is all that I want.

The i-phone X is simply a lot for what I need.

So I went back to my iPhone 6s, and I'm totally happy with the switch. I am convinced the i-phone X is precisely right for somebody younger, more creative, or even maybe more stylish than myself, also I am convinced it is really a amazing phone for someone who wants to do more with their phone. But the iPhone 6s does everything I want, for example making enough opportunity to backup my phone a cinch, and it is comfortable and comfortable.

But on one note, does anyone want my new iPhone X? It's just collecting dust.

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